Senegal: British firm SCL accused of lands grabs by Fass-Ngom farmers

Ecofin Agency | 25 November 2016

(Ecofin Agency) – In Senegal, the people of the Sinthiou Thirmoy village, in the Fass-Ngom community, in the North West of the country, protest against the project to expand agricultural lands which is being implemented by Société de Culture Légumière (SCL) accusing the British firm, which is financed by the Belgian development fund BIO, of land grabbing.

“The company came here two years ago. First, it took part of our lands, we said nothing. Now, it is a large portion of our livestock’s rangeland that it has blocked. We told the township and the sub-prefect about it, but they said nothing. Those are our ancestors’ lands. It’s over our dead bodies that they will take them,” Mamba SOW, spokesperson of the protesters, told Miroironline.

Protesters want to retrieve the lands which they once used to exploit as pasture for their livestock….

Souha Touré

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