The worldwide race to own fertile land

Swiss Info | 14 October 2016

By Armando Mombelli

Three-quarters of the 20 states most affected by land grabbing are in Africa and Asia  (Reuters)

The worrying rise in foreign investors buying up land in poor countries is set to get worse in future, taking valuable resources from local populations. A report out later this month by a Bern database into ‘land grabbing’ should dig deeper into the problem.
“The grabbing of agricultural land is really a kind of neo-colonialism,” says Swiss entomologist and agriculturist Hans Rudolf Herren, who has been awarded international prizes such as the World Food Prize for his work to stop famine in Africa.
“Wealthy states are getting hold of more and more valuable land in the poor countries, and in two-thirds of these countries, the local population suffers from hunger.”


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