Ethiopians who fled over land rights now face eviction from Calais “Jungle”

By Sally Hayden

Reuters |  24 October 2016

Oromo area in Calais “Jungle” migrant camp, Calais, France, November 20, 2016. (Photo: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Sally Hayden)

CALAIS, France, Oct 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Deep in the Calais “Jungle” migrant camp in northern France, hundreds of Oromo Ethiopians set up their own school.

 An Irish volunteer came to teach classes during the day, but at other times groups of Oromo men, and a few women, gathered to discuss the news from Ethiopia: this month’s announcement of a state of emergency, or the rising death toll in protests.  On the sides of makeshift wooden shelters they painted the crossed arms protest symbol of the Oromo struggle, publicised by Ethiopian marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa at the summer Olympics.
“Feyisa never give up,” was written on one wall, and “Stop killing Oromo students” was scrawled on another.

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