Africa: GMO’s dumping ground

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [1], among many charities, are promoting the cultivation of genetically modified crops in Africa, acting as spokespeople for the manufacturers of GMO seeds such as DuPont, Arcadia Biosciences and Monsanto. For too long biotechnologists, bio-tech and chemical corporations, charities and governments around the world have promoted the lie that genetically modified crops are the solution to world hunger. This is a lie because there is already enough food to feed 14 billion people on the planet and as such the argument that GM crops are needed is false. 30-40% of food produced in the western world is wasted; this keeps demand high and prices high meaning many people in the world can’t afford to eat [2].

GM soy and maize farming in South Africa has led to impoverished farmers as crops failed. Farmers who choose the GM path are locked into a contract where they cannot do anything but accept whatever the GMO seed producer dictates [3]. Farmers have been left bankrupted around the world (in India, Argentina, Africa) because they are tied to the manufacturer. It is effectively a form of indentured servitude. On the contrary, those farmers in Africa who are educated to grow crops in an agro-ecological way (organic or organic without the certification) on small, local farms have been very successful, with very high yield increases of over 100 per cent [4].

Africa: GMO’s dumping ground

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