244 Cameroonian farmers bring SGSOC palm oil plantation to justice

Greenpeace | 4 October 2016

Sign petition to stop the SGSOC palm oil project!

Local communities affected by a large-scale palm oil plantation took their case to the Court of First Instance in Bangem, south-west Cameroon, with the first hearing set for 9 November. Greenpeace Africa, who documented the abuse made by the company for the last seven years, launches a call in support for the communities.

This announcement follows two collective complaints involving 244 farmers which were filed against SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SGSOC) on 27 September for trespassing. Of those, 231 came from the village of Nguti, whose population demanded that SGSOC would respect a 5km buffer zone around theirits farmlands. However, the concession zone demarcated by SGSOC encroaches on many farms in the forest areas around Nguti, showing no respect for the buffer zone.

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