China and Brazil in African agriculture

World Development | May 2016

Volume 81, Pages 1-92
China and Brazil in African Agriculture
Edited by Ian Scoones, Kojo Amanor, Arilson Favareto and Gubo Qi
A New Politics of Development Cooperation? Chinese and Brazilian Engagements in African Agriculture
Ian Scoones, Kojo Amanor, Arilson Favareto, Gubo Qi
  • Chinese and Brazilian development cooperation in Africa increasingly includes agriculture.
  • This involves agribusiness, contract farming, technology demonstration, and training.
  • Interventions are framed by Chinese and Brazilian domestic political economies and histories.
  • There is no singular “model” of Brazilian or Chinese agricultural development.
  • All interventions are renegotiated during development processes in Africa.
 South–South Cooperation, Agribusiness, and African Agricultural Development: Brazil and China in Ghana and Mozambique….

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