Missing part of the picture in challenging Africa’s “land grab” counter-narrative

Los Despojados | 8 February 2016

Back in October, a piece published in Foreign Policy (which we duly shared on the blog) pointed out how the much talked about great African land grab is only taking place on paper, with investors jumping on apparent opportunities only to pull out once they start getting a better sense of the institutional, legal, and technical barriers they will have to overcome. Now, Chris Jochnick fires back, arguing that the Foreign Policy piece missed the point.
Indeed, if well-funded, well-connected, and well-educated investors are walking away from African land because of insecure property rights, how can we expect underfunded, poorly connected (literally and figuratively), and poorly educated African farmers to make a go of it? [Read full article]
Jochnick goes on to argue that property rights would allow African [insert Africa-is-a-country joke here] farmers to invest in their own land and achieve their potential.

– See more at: http://www.farmlandgrab.org/post/view/25742-missing-part-of-the-picture-in-challenging-africas-land-grab-counter-narrative#sthash.5nHVg7sV.dpuf

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