Land grabbing: “Big, big problem”

REDD Monitor| 29 January 2016

In the documentary John Hartman, a manager at Cargill, explains how important discipline and routine is within the workforce. Behind him is the industrial oil palm monoculture where rainforest once stood.

Land grabbing: “Big, big problem” by Chris Lang “It’s very attractive. The earnings are very high and we’ve got hybrid material now.

You harvest in the 24th month, and the repayment period is about seven years at the most… For the next 20 years it’ll be laughing yourself all the way to the bank.”

That’s Suriya Moorthy, a consultant for agricultural investments in Malaysia, talking about oil palm investments. The quotation is from a documentary film, “Land Grabbing“. Director Kurt Langbein visits the scenes of land grabs and talks to farmers, local communities and to the investors behind the schemes. – See more at:

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