Missing the big picture in challenging Africa’s “land grab” narrative

New Security Beat | 4 January 2016
By Chris Jochnick

A woman in Ghana displays the certificate to her land (Photo: Deborah Espinosa/Landesa) 
Who walks away from fertile agricultural land available to lease for as little as $1 per year per hectare?
Recent reports indicate international investors are doing just that across sub-Saharan Africa.  Investors began pouring into the continent with pockets full of cash and get-rich-quick dreams built on cheap, fertile, and readily available land during the food crisis of 2007 and 2008. What followed were heart-wrenching stories of conflict and displacement.
 Now, some are calling these massive land grabs a myth.

– See more at: http://farmlandgrab.org/post/view/25646-missing-the-big-picture-in-challenging-africas-land-grab-narrative#sthash.ZhSFzAZO.dpuf

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