Farmers, CSOs rally behind environmentalist jailed for exposing land grabbing in Cameroon

Nasako Besingi of SEFE

IPS | 15 December 2015

By Mbom Sixtus
YOUNDE, Cameroon, Dec 15 2015 (IPS) – Farmers and activists in Cameroon say a jail sentence handed down on an environmentalist who exposed land-grabbing by a multinational agro-industrial company, sends a dangerous signal to communities trying to protect their land and resources.
Nasako Bessingi, Director of Struggle to Economize Future Environment, SEFE, was sentenced on November 3, by a court in Mundemba, a small village in Cameroon’s southwest region. The SG-SOC company, a subsidiary of the New York-based Herakles Farms and two of his former employees sued him for defamation.

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