DRC: Investigation and intimidation against HRD Augustin Alphonse Bofaka and other human rights defenders

Feronia’s Yaligimba palm oil plantation in the DRC. Feronia’s main shareholders include development finance institutes from the UK, France, Spain and the US (Photo: Feronia)

FrontLineDefenders | 23 November 2015

On 15 November 2015, human rights defender Mr Augustin Alphonse Bofaka was interrogated by the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) in connection with a recent protest against a multinational company accused of land grabbing and environmental degradation.
He also received several threatening phone calls as a result of his role as a community mobiliser.
Mr Augustin Alphonse Bofaka is the coordinator of Centre d’ Animation pour le Development et l’Auto Promotion – CADAP (Centre for Assistance to Development and Self-Promotion), a non-governmental organisation that advocates for the protection of community forests and promotes environmental preservation. CADAP is a member organisation of the Réseau d’information et d’Appui aux ONG nationales – RIAO-RDC (Network of Information and Support to National NGOs), a network of 256 non-governmental organisations and 333 farmers’ associations across different provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. RIAO-RDC has played a prominent role working with communities in rural areas of the DRC to fight for local communities’ rights to the land. The network has also denounced several human rights abuses committed by multinational companies in rural areas, particularly FERONIA.

– See more at: http://farmlandgrab.org/post/view/25532-drc-investigation-and-intimidation-against-hrd-augustin-alphonse-bofaka-and-other-human-rights-defenders#sthash.IyPIRPka.dpuf

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