Land grabs: LifeMosaic’s second video in the series Territories of Life

REDD Monitor | 22 October 2015 Land grabs:  “Beggars on our own land”

LifeMosaic’s second video in the series Territories of Life Grains, meat, sugar, palm oil, pulp and paper, coal, aluminium, copper, gold, oil. Just some of the commodities that corporations take from the lands of indigenous peoples to ship around the world in order to generate profits. A new video by LifeMosaic, part of the series “Territories of Life“, looks at the impacts of this enormous land grab on indigenous peoples around the world. LifeMosaic’s video acknowledges that sometimes, land transactions take place with community consent and communities end up seeing some benefits from the new development. But all too often, communities are forcefully evicted, threatened and intimidated. Standards are weak. Deals are often not transparent. These are land grabs. The Tirana Declaration, produced during a meeting of 150 civil society representatives in 2011, defines land grabs as land deals or concessions that are at least one of the following:

  • in violation of human rights, particularly the equal rights of women;
  • not based on free, prior and informed consent of the affected land-users;
  • not based on a thorough assessment, or are in disregard of social, economic and environmental impacts, including the way they are gendered;
  • not based on transparent contracts that specify clear and binding commitments about activities, employment and benefits sharing, and;
  • not based on effective democratic planning, independent oversight and meaningful participation.

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