The palm oil company at the centre of a bitter land rights struggle in Cameroon

The Guardian | 27 July 2015
by Victoria Schneider in Cameroon

 Life in and around a palm oil plantation in Cameroon  A man works in a factory yard filling a basket with palm oil seeds. Socapalm owns six plantation concessions in Cameroon, located in two regions along the country’s fertile coast. 

With precise, hard strikes a man cuts the branches of the short palm trees. Amid all the other tropical plants growing wildly around and into each other, the branches are hard to see at first sight. Easier to spot is the boundary of the man’s field, a wall of giant palm trees a few metres away. “This is all Socapalm”, says Emmanuel Elong, aged 46, as he looks up and wipes the river of sweat off his face.
We are not far from Mbonjo II, one of the villages inside the Dibombari region, in west Cameroon that is also a concession area of the private oil palm company Socapalm. Currently the country’s biggest producer, Socapalm is trying to further expand production and help Cameroon become a net exporter of palm oil….

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