Mozambique: Foreign investment in agri-business but not farming? No new plantation investment has yet been profitable.

Club of Mozambique | 28 July 2015
by Joseph Hanlon
No new plantation has succeeded in Mozambique since independence. No new plantation investment has yet been profitable.

 “We know that France is a world power in agro-processing, so we are encouraging the businesses represented here to take note of the need to transfer technology to Mozambique in this area”, President Filipe Nyusi told French businesspeople in Paris Sunday 20 July.    “In agriculture, we are banking on increasing production and productivity, so as to create greater competitiveness and more jobs”, Nyusi said. “We think there are opportunities upstream, in terms of equipment, improved seeds and fertilizer, and downstream there is potential for agro-processing units, storage and transport to the national and regional markets”. He also called for investment in infrastructure and irrigation, and pointed to the way foreign investors could promote exports to the United States and Europe….- See more at:

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