Power and impunity of transnational corporations stifles people’s voices

La Via Campesina | 10 July 2015
The power and impunity of the transnationals are stifling the voices of the world’s peoples

(Harare, 9th of July 2015) La Via Campesina strongly decries the fact that international policies and legislative processes which supposedly are decided upon democratically and by the citizens are increasingly dominated by the interests of large multinational corporations, with the connivance of the governing classes[1]. Furthermore, while existing structures allow the crimes committed by these same transnationals to go unpunished, there is a growing incidence of criminalisation of those who are struggling in defence of human rights.  – See more at: http://farmlandgrab.org/post/view/25116-power-and-impunity-of-transnational-corporations-stifles-people-s-voices#sthash.Jxux9OXY.dpuf

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