Stop #landrights fraud!

Oakland Institute| 3 March 2015

Every spring for the last fifteen years, the World Bank has organized the “Conference on Land and Poverty,” that brings together corporations, governments and civil society groups.

While the 16th conference is set to take place in Washington D.C. from March 23 to 27, hundreds of civil society organizations are denouncing the World Bank’s role in global land grabs and its deceitful leadership on land issues. The Our Land Our Business campaign has been critical of the World Bank’s Doing Business report and accompanying  advisory services. Through these, the Bank uses its financial and political might to force countries to adopt “business-friendly” reforms, which create conditions that make it as easy as possible for agribusiness corporations to get access to developing countries’ land and natural resources.

We therefore call on all stakeholders to reject the Bank’s sham Conference on Land and Poverty and denounce its attempt to influence land governance for the benefits of a few.  Our Land Our Business is a multi-continental campaign gathering over 260 NGOs, farmer groups, indigenous organizations, and unions. It demands the end of the World Bank’s harmful Doing Business and Enabling the Business of Agriculture projects.

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