Fighting the Injustice of Land-Grabs in Africa

National Catholic Reporter |

8 December 2014

by Michael Sean Winters

In 1885, the great European powers met in Berlin to set the ground rules for their various colonization projects in Africa, divide up the continent into spheres of influence, and enact trade regulations for the exploitation of Africa’s vast resources.

There was a similar conference last week, in New York, but you did not read about it and it was held behind the closed doors of a corporate board room. And, the week before there was a similar conference in Amsterdam, and the week before that in London.   Imperialism today is no longer conducted by nation-states but, instead, by multi-national corporations but the essence of the saga is unchanged: A poor continent is being raped by powerful, wealthy Westerners.

AFJN meeting with community in Brewaniase 09/25/2014

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