Ethiopian government campaign of murder in Gambela

Anywaa Survival Organisation | 16 September 2014
In the past few months, tension begun between indigenous Majengir community and Ethiopian highlanders at Godere district, Gambela region. Ethiopian highland settlers in the area have been killing innocent civilians and the retaliations continued. The situation escalated during Ethiopian New year. On Thursday, 11 September 2014 eight (8) Majengir ethnic were indiscriminately murdered in cold blood in their own ancestral land. The highlanders went door to door hunting for Majengir ethnic community and displaced more than 3000 Majengir people.

Thousands of people from Mezhenger Zone in Gambela, western Ethiopia, are currently fleeing to Tepi following deadly clashes with Federal Police. The above photo was sent to ER by an eyewitness. 

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