Food security is about more than land grabs

Think Africa Press | 24 April 2014

Adam and Lauren Sneyd)

At a market in Cameroon.

Food Security is about more than land grabs by Adam and Lauren Sneyd The conventional view right now is that land in Africa is a really big deal. Over the past few years, high-flying experts and journalists have continuously pumped out earnest reports on African land issues, often centred on the activities of foreign firms. Some of these stories have rightly honed in on the misadventures of Western companies − such as the US-based Herakles Farms’ bungled foray into oil palm in Cameroon − but most have focused on firms from emerging economies. Plenty of controversy and countless column inches, for example, have been generated by the Indonesian Salim Group’s 60,000-hectare endeavours in southern Nigeria, the efforts of Malaysian Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK) to acquire a vast swathe of Liberia, and the questionable multi-billion deals conducted by the likes of India’s Karuturi and Shapoorji Pallonji in Ethiopia.

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