Final offensive against resistance to ProSavana

Maputo, May 21, 2014 –

the Coordination Team for the ProSavana Programme – comprising by the Mozambique Institute of Agricultural Research (IIAM) (representing the Mozambique government), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (representing the Japanese government) and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (representing the Brazilian government) – will launch in Nampula on 22 and 23 April, their final offensive meant to capture the agenda of Mozambican Civil Societies Organizations and Social Movements. Covered up in a seminary of Divulgation of Results of Agrarian investigation in the Nacala Corridor, where CSO, famer organizations, companies, Academic institutions and institutions of research will participate, this meeting in Nampula represent the last phase of consults regarding to Prosavana, in an act that mean to manipulate and seek to legitimate the program through the population of Nacala Corridor, CSO and Social Movements that oppose this imperialist and colonialist program for more than two (2) years. – See more at:

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