“We will not cede our land to the Italians’ tractors”

La Stampa | 25 March 2014 | Italiano | français
translation by Re:Common
Senegalese herders resist a project with very obscure objectives
 by Stefano Liberti
Ndiaël (Senegal)

 “We will fight until the end. They will not kick us out of here.” The village men raise their arms in defiance. And they turn their eyes a few hundred meters away, towards the plantations of these strangers who one fine day came onto their land with tractors and machines, cleared everything and turned their lives upside down. “It was the month of August 2012. We saw them arrive out of nowhere. At first, we were told they would have gone further away. Instead, they occupied our pastures,” says Bayal Sow, head of the rural community of Thiamène. “We were duped. But now they can be sure: they will have to step over our bodies to go ahead with the project.”
– See more at: http://www.farmlandgrab.org/post/view/23325#sthash.NvoYuP9F.dpuf



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