Ghana hopes G8 New Alliance will end long history of food insecurity

Published: 18 Feb 2014
Posted in:      G8 | Ghana  

Guardian | 18 February 2014

Small-scale farmers split cocoa pods in the town of Akim Akooko, eastern Ghana. (Photo: Reuters)

by Afua Hirsch in Accra     Despite Ghana’s large tracts of fertile land, the west African country has a long history of food insecurity. Millions in the south are no longer at risk, but the number of vulnerable people in the more arid north has increased in recent years.
The government says that is why Ghana became one of the first six African countries to sign up to the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in 2012. Under the initiative, the country will focus on five crops: cowpea, maize, cassava, rice and yam….

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