Financial collapse in Naivasha–Karuturi going down? A summary of recent developments as of 13 February 2014

Karuturi going down? A summary of recent developments
Published: 14 Feb 2014
Tax Justice Network ▪ Forum Syd Kenya ▪ GRAIN ▪ Anywaa Survival Organisation ▪ South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers 
Karuturi workers block South Moi Road, in Naivasha, Kenya, demanding their wages (Feb 2014)

Workers in trouble…

▪ Early August 2013, 3,000 workers at Karuturi’s 200 ha flower farm in Naivasha, Kenya, went on strike due to unpaid wages. This was not the first work stoppage in recent times, but perhaps the beginning of the most serious downward spiral since Karuturi bought the farm in 2007.1 Employees even took a manager hostage for a portion of the day.

▪ In mid-August 2013, the Karuturi Hospital, belonging to the flower farm, was closed. The farm had, at that point, an unpaid electricity bill of EUR 140,000 and so the power supply was shut off.2 The hospital previously served 30,000 people per month…

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