Berlin film festival features We Come As Friends, a documentary on South Sudan

The National | 12 February 2014

The film We Come As Friends shows a contract worth just US$25,000 (Dh92,000) for 600,000 hectares of land in South Sudan, with full exploitation rights, made out to Howard Douglas, a former United States ambassador and coordinator for refugee affairs.

by Alex Ritman           

Given that it was in Berlin in 1895 where the world powers of the time descended with their rulers to carve up Africa, thus laying the foundations for the continent’s bloody modern history, it seems apt that the German capital has played host to two of the most captivating and eye-opening documentaries that detail this colonial rule’s horrific consequences.
In 2012 it was Sons of the Clouds, Álvaro Longoria and Javier Bardem’s film that delved into the largely unknown plight of the Sahwaris in western Sahara, who were under Moroccan occupation or in refugee camps. This year, the Oscar-nominated Austrian director Hubert Sauper turns the attention to the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, in We Come As friends….

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