Land grabbing and forced evictions in Ethiopia

Presentation at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity-UK It is worth mentioning that, while the world continues to support the Ethiopian regime both financially and materially, Ethiopian authorities continue to repress, intimidate, harass, murder, torture and restrict freedom of movement of politically and numerically marginalised communities in the southern part of the country in the name of development. Land grabbing policy is destroying indigenous community livelihoods and natural environment in Gambela, lower Omo valley, Benishangul and Oromia regions.

In light of what is taking place in Ethiopia where large portion of pastoralists and indigenous communities are displaced and evicted from their traditional lands and wide spread gross human rights abuses, history is repeating itself. For those with kin interest in Ethiopian history one would have noted and perhaps surprised if not appalled by human rights abuses committed during Abyssinian expansion in the south. Innocent civilians were enslaved, and their homelands depopulated in the southern parts of the country….

Nyikaw Ochalla of ASO at the human rights in Ethiopia meeting at APPG, London.












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